The restaurant

Ishika Panjabi

Chef & Owner

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el restaurante


Local products

We want all our products to be local, to collaborate with the farmers, ranchers and fishermen who put so much effort into their product. We want to obtain that pure flavor that characterizes our dishes.


We analyze the quality of all the products we use to always offer you the best. We do not settle for average qualities.

Land and sea

It doesn't matter where the product is from. We seek excellence whether in products obtained from the land or the sea. For us the important thing is to offer you the best texture and the best flavor.

Our cozy space

The restaurant

Decorated with love, so you can feel at home. We have tables for two and up to six people.

The bar

We have local craft beer that will delight the most beer lovers and a wine list for all tastes.

The terrace

Perfect for those sunny days. We offer you terrace service so you don't have to move and you can enjoy the restaurant in full.
el restaurante